How These Habits Can Change Your Life

Author: Ian

Date: April 14, 2016

Ask those you know if they’d like to change their life, and 99 percent, if not all of them, will ardently unload their stresses and desires.

Everyone wants to change at least one thing in their life and motivate others to do the same.

But why is it we don’t pause and reflect on the direction of our life until someone grants us a moment to unravel our thoughts?

We’re wired to stay on this ride and accept the knocks and collisions as life lessons to reassure ourselves that we’ll find happiness.

But we all have the same amount of hours in the day and the option to do what makes us happy or alternatively, continue to wallow on.

Here are nine daily habits to change your life forever.

Spend 30 Minutes Doing What You Love

Sounds good, huh? And no, it’s not a trick. How can we possibly expect ourselves to be happy if we’re not engaging in activities that make us happy?

This could be singing, reading, spending time with your pet, cooking… whatever it is, do more of it.

Already your brain has gone into overkill – manually processing how you’ll fit this into your busy routines. Make time.

Get up half an hour earlier, manage your time efficiently, outsource work, hire a cleaner etc. These are just a few ways you can miraculously increase your hours in the day.

After a week of squeezing in what you love, your mood will enhance and you’ll start to realise that life isn’t about doing boring chores every day and dragging yourself out of bed at 6am.

Cherish Your Time With Loved Ones

We’re fortunate to have family and friends who love us, so develop the healthy habit of telling them every day how much you love and appreciate them.

Call your mum and see how her day was. Bring your partner a coffee in the morning. Send a text to a sibling you’ve not spoken to in a while.

Don’t risk your chances and be grateful for who you have. People make our lives better, not things.

Don’t Take Your Phone To Bed

How These Habits Can Change Your Life

Makes sense. But most of us are guilty of scrolling through Facebook at 11pm.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time relaxing with your partner, watching a funny show on TV or reading an exhilarating chapter from a book?

Automate your alarm for the week so you don’t have to go on your phone late and risk being tempted by social media.

You’ll end up going to sleep later and being tired in the morning because you’re wasting time prying. It’s unnecessary and poor time keeping.

Smile And Laugh More

How good does it feel when you laugh so much you end up crying? Imagine feeling like that every day, or at least close to that.

Although you can’t predict funny jokes, you can be more open and willing to be happier.

On your walk to the car, share a smile with a stranger and be grateful to have a new day.

This new happier you will block out negative thoughts and see the world in a new light. Spend more time with people who make you feel good and less time with those who annoy you.

Remove Yourself From Negative People

How These Habits Can Change Your Life

Most times we’re unhappy because of other people. What a waste of life if we rely on other people to make us feel content!

How can you possibly be positive if you’re surrounded by negative people and stressful situations?

No matter who these people are, try to interact with them less, or if that’s not possible, don’t dwell on the things you don’t like about them.

Ignore their annoyance and only focus on the good your day has to bring. You’ll bring yourself so much more positivity.

Get Enough Sleep

Since a young age, it’s been drilled into all of us to hit the sack for around eight hours a night. Late nights and early mornings don’t go together and leave us tired, emotional and niggly the following day.

A poor night’s sleep affects how the next day goes, our health, attitude and consequently mood. We can’t expect ourselves to function right if we’re tired.

This habit will change your life. Banish the coffee and get more sleep. Shut off earlier and don’t start tasks late at night.

Compliment And Love Yourself

How These Habits Can Change Your Life

Loving yourself doesn’t mean pouting and admiring yourself in the mirror every five minutes. It’s about acknowledging your worth and rewarding yourself with kind thoughts.

You send off signals into the universe about your perception of yourself. Those days when you think your hair looks slovenly or your shoes don’t match your outfit makes you feel low about yourself.

Make an effort in your appearance and respect yourself. Don’t rely on others to tell you how far you’ve come – remind yourself (without getting smug).

Set One Goal

In order to reach your long-term goal, you need to compile and destroy short-term and even daily goals.

The night before, make a realistic target which will help mould your future. Whether this is to call someone, send an email, write a blog… whatever it is, make it business-related so you’re constantly moving forward.

You could even try buying a separate diary to keep track of your objectives. Watch your dreams unravel day by day.

Learn Something New

In order to develop and change, we have to learn something new. New learning gives us purpose, educates us and disables our stagnant life.

It doesn’t matter what profession or education, everyone can increase their knowledge. Take up reading, watch tutorial videos and listen to others.

Most of the things we know are learnt from others, so regularly engage in conversation with new people.

Put your life back in your hands and transform it day by day. You’ll be happier and successful.