Holding The Power In The Room

Author: Ian

Date: September 16, 2016

There are two different types of speaker: one who is influential and has all eyes on them and the other who is forgettable and doesn’t influence anyone in the room.

Holding the power in the room is tough when you’re not feeling confident, so we always suggest learning your material cold before proceeding.

Aside from that, there are many ways to have all eyes on you and let people know you mean business.

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Tricks To Looking Powerful

Holding The Power In The Room

It all begins off stage. If you think of speaking like taking on a persona when you’re presenting, it makes it possible to become anyone you want to be when you’re in front of others.

However, you cannot expect to slip into a powerful façade if you haven’t done the work beforehand. Practice walking into a room full of people with confidence and energy to know your self-worth in everyday situations.

As presence is everything, here are a few body language tricks to holding the power in the room.

  • Make people feel comfortable with a smile. You’re not a robot, so show you’re human. A friendly beam when introducing yourself draws people in.
  • Always keep your back straight. Poor posture makes you look smaller and hunched. Consequently, you’re showing fear and nerves. Relax the shoulders and be wary that you’re not hunching to hold the power.
  • To get people to look at your presentations, you have to look at them too. A point towards the slide and you looking at them will encourage the audience to follow your lead.
  • The distance between you and your audience can be quite large, so narrow the gap by walking closer to them. Take it slowly to move to the tempo of your speech’s mood and not intimidate people. You’re not about to attack them!
  • Always keep your chin slightly lifted to be facing the audience.
  • A powerful speaker will have their body open at all times. Move your arms and shoulders out, rather than drawing them in and closing your body.

Body Language In Speaking

Holding The Power In The Room

Learn better from seeing people in action? Here are some excellent examples of public speakers holding the power in their speech.

David JP Phillips loves gesturing, but he always keeps his body open. When signalling something, his arms move out, and he draws a circle with two hands to prevent closing in.

Amy Morin never drops her head and always looks out towards the audience.

Her topic is emotional and a sensitive subject, but her strong eye contact shows that she’s tougher than ever.

Even with objects in her hand, Kalina Silverman still keeps her palms visible to the audience.

If she were to clutch them tightly or hold them close to her, she’d appear powerless like she needed protection from her audience.

Try watching these videos without any sound to analyse their body language and appreciate that not everything we learn is from the voice.

Your body tells another story, so don’t let it contradict what your ideas say. Remain powerful, even when you’re secretly nervous.

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