Conference Speakers 2017

Author: Frank

Date: September 16, 2016

2017 Conferences Around The World

If you are a conference speaker and already planning your 2017 diary then here are a few suggested conferences you might like to apply to speak at

What better way to meet fellow keynote speakers from around the world than to spend a few days on the high seas? Entrepreneurs Cruise Conference starting in Florida, United States is great if you are looking to mix a bit of business with pleasure.

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entrepreneur cruise

Or staying in the United States but this time on the west coast in California try the Watermark Conference for Women. If you are a keynote conference speaker and know a thing ort two about the travel market in South Africa, you could apply to be a speaker for the Cape Town World Travel Market Africa Conference

The Tallinn Cyber Conference in Tallinn Estonia will help bring awareness of the risks that exist, how hackers think and what you can do to reduce your risks of being a victim of cyber crime.

cyber conference

Topconf Conference in Linz Austria is one you may want to speak at if you are an expert on software. Apply to speak at the Topconf in Austria or you may prefer to visit Bonny Scotland and speak at the IRMS Conference in Glasgow where the theme of the conference will be “Agents of Change: Driving Business Transformation” 

AUVSI’S XPONENTIAL Conference in Dallas, Texas, is a world renound conference. XPONENTIAL captures the potential of robotics and unmanned systems. If you would like to be considered to speak at this conference then here is your opportunity.

xponential conference

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