Believe In Yourself

Author: Ian

Date: October 12, 2016

Here at Shapiro International, we encourage confidence and a strong sense of self-worth. In order to be successful, it all starts from within – not your education or professional experience.

So today, we’re sharing how you, and other speakers around the world, can believe in yourself.

Ways To Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

It’s an automatic response to compare ourselves to others. How can we be healthy if someone eats cleaner than us? We aren’t rich if someone else earns more. There’s no way I can defy myself as successful if another company has more clients than me.

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The list goes on.

That attitude is deadly to our happiness and success. It tears us down and means that no matter how great we do, it’ll never be good enough because others are doing better.

But those who exude confidence and love themselves don’t look at what others are doing or even the outside world, but only focus on how they feel and what they interpret of themselves.

Though it isn’t just a thought one morning that will change your attitude to yourself and help you believe in yourself, but actions and focus.

The first thing you can do is stop interpreting everything as negative. Try for one day to not say a single negative comment about yourself and your surroundings. That includes traffic jams, petty arguments with family and anything else that could potentially ruin your mood.

Turn these situations into a positive. Be thankful for having a vehicle to drive and family to argue with!

Set Goals

To believe in yourself, you have to achieve things you never thought you could. Thankfully, you don’t have to do anything extreme, but it should be outside of your comfort zone.

This can be anything which will help to push you that extra mile. Perhaps it’s to beat your personal best at the gym, finish that book you promised yourself months ago, chat to a stranger etc.

To some, these might not seem scary, but for others, it’s hard to achieve the above examples because they’re scared of embarrassment and failing.

Appreciate That You Deserve More

The world is a wonderful place and there are so many amazing opportunities in front of you. But you have to want more and appreciate that you deserve more in order to move forward.

Those who succeed aren’t scared of the future, failing or having to try again if they don’t succeed at first.

If you want more from your life and want to have presence on stage, tell yourself I deserve more. It might be hard work and push me beyond my limits, but I’m worth it.

As you spend more time reflecting on the positives, and believing and loving yourself, you’ll reap the benefits and feel that nothing is impossible. From there, others will believe in you too – including your audiences!

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